Want to lobby Phillip Hammond? Here's how you do it...

Wednesday 4th January 2017

The government has published a new set of guidelines for organisations, companies and individuals to lobby the Treasury ahead of the next Budget on March 8 - likely to be the focus of many in the lettings sector after the raft of recent legislation concerning buy to let.
In the past many organisations have expressed their wishes for Autumn Statements or Budgets through the form of press releases rather than direct contact with government: the new guidelines offers a formal process for achieving the latter if individuals or groups wish.
The guidelines for comments are fairly loose and are stated by the Treasury this way:
“In order to inform policy development for the Budget, your representation should contain policy suggestions for the upcoming fiscal event and explain the policy rationale, costs, benefits and deliverability of proposals. It should also be evidence based, providing clear arguments on how it contributes to the aims of the Budget.
“You may wish to consider:
- likely effectiveness and value for money
- revenue implications for the Exchequer
- wider macroeconomic implications (for economic stability and growth)
“Such as:
- sectoral impacts
- distributional impacts
- administrative and compliance costs and issues
- legislative and operational requirements
- environmental impact
“HM Treasury will not consider representations which are not practicable and/or that violate HM Treasury’s legal obligations, including but not limited to State aid, human rights and diversity.
“HM Treasury will delete representations which are inappropriate or offensive.”
Individuals have only until January 20 to submit comments via a survey form; groups or companies are encouraged to email the Treasury directly - although no deadline is given for this.
You can see the process set out in more detail on the government’s website here.

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