Top tips for attracting buyers during festive season

Monday 16th December 2013

Traditionally, many people avoid trying to sell property during the quieter Christmas period for the housing market, but Robin King, Director at Move with Us, says that the season of goodwill provides a great opportunity for sellers as competition from other properties on the market can significantly decrease.

Some of you may believe that putting your decorations up could potentially put some buyers off, but estate agents from the Move with Us Partner Network encourage this when offering advice to those trying to sell their properties at this time of year.

Here are their top ten tips for selling success this Christmas:

1. Embrace the festivities and greet potential buyers with mince pies and a glass of mulled wine.

2. Make sure the heating is on high so it feels warm and cosy inside for viewings.

3. Be realistic and understand that transaction times will be longer at this time of year and that surveys may take longer to book.

4. Do your best to keep selling times to a minimum by being legally prepared early on in the transaction.

5. Put Christmas lights around the ‘For Sale’ board.

6. Set a realistic asking price, Christmas isn’t a good time to test the market.

7. Ensure good availability for viewings as they can be difficult to book with fewer hours of daylight and busy diaries.

8. Don’t put up too many Christmas decorations as they may hide the features of the property.

9. Avoid having any decorations in the marketing photos – you want to show the potential of your home at all seasons.

10. Remember that Christmas can be a good time to sell as there is often less competition from other properties.


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