Top 10 most popular seaside towns to retire in the UK

Monday 4th November 2013

Research which analysed the UK census data to see how a person’s geographical location might affect their health found that the closer a person lives to the sea, the better their health is generally likely to be, even when they took into account social and economic factors.

Commenting on the research from the European Centre for Environment & Human Health at the University of Exeter last year, Jane Slade, Founder and Editor of www.retiremove.co.uk, said; “Interestingly the 2011 census  showed a significant increase in over-65s moving to coastal areas and demonstrated that retirement age ‘movers’ still form a large percentage in terms of the numbers moving in the UK each year. In fact it is anticipated that by 2025 a third of the population is destined to be over 55.

“The significance of such a large demographic, which potentially will want to move to pastures new and coastal resorts being in such demand, can only be a good indicator of where the best investments areas are in the UK .

“The 2011 census when reviewed, highlighted the coastal boroughs of Christchurch in Bournemouth (29.6 per cent), West Somerset and North Norfolk (28.7 per cent) housing more residents aged 65 plus than anywhere else in the UK.”

Peter Girling, Chairman of Girlings Retirement Rentals said, “The majority of our enquiries this year have been for seaside apartments as many people dream of moving to the coast when they retire. Renting on an assured tenancy gives people the long term security they want in later life.”

The top 10 most popular seaside towns according to Girlings Retirement Rentals are:

·         Bournemouth

·         Colwyn Bay

·         Southport

·         Eastbourne

·         Worthing

·         Poole

·         Torquay

·         Portsmouth

·         Southsea

·         Brighton

Slade continues, “The attraction of waterside properties has always caught the public’s attention and even in the depths of the recession, many properties in close proximity to water retained their value.

“Couple this with retirees choosing coastal locations, free from mortgage payments and with children having flown the nest, their financial input into these coastal towns is invaluable and in many cases helps to regenerate them. Coastal living certainly ticks the financial box and the healthier lifestyle box!”


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