The nation’s most desired home improvement is…

Saturday 6th April 2013

We are a nation of DIY’ers; every weekend and bank holiday, hundreds of thousands of people are in a rush to get to grips with their latest home improvement project. With economic conditions remaining tough for many of us, making home improvements can prove to be a much more affordable alternative to moving house. But what actually is the most desired home improvement to British homes?

New research by Kleeneze reveals that the most desired home improvement to British homes is redoing the kitchen with a fifth (20%) of us rating this as the one thing we’d do, followed closely by extending the property (18%) to provide more space. 15% of us are completely happy with our homes and would make no changes.

If there was one thing you could do to improve your home what would it be?



Change the kitchen


Have an extension


Nothing, there are no changes I'd make to my home


Redecorate the lounge


Refresh the bathroom


Upgrade the bedroom


Modernise all appliances




The survey of 2,000 adults UK-wide highlighted that money troubles are affecting our dream improvements, with three in ten (27%) of us having had to stop our DIY plans for financial reasons. But, it also revealed that the majority of us (56%) wouldn’t mind cutting back in other areas in order to be able to afford the improvements.

Commenting on the results of the research, Lisa Burke, Sales Director at Kleeneze, said: “Staying put is the only option for many whilst money worries remain high. But keeping our homes how we like them is still a priority, and for many that means making improvements or extending.

“Funding these projects can be tough, and it’s perhaps no surprise that many of us have had to stop our plans when money has been tight. However, it just goes to show how house proud we are as a nation, when we see that so many people are willing to cut back on other spending if there’s something that we want to change or add to our home.

“For many, taking on an additional or part time job can be the answer to funding these improvements. Kleeneze offers flexible working which means that people not only earn the additional money they need for their projects, but also affords them the time to complete them.”


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