The landlords guide to successfully letting out student property

Tuesday 16th July 2013

A growing number of landlords are looking to take advantage of high rental returns by adding student properties to their buy-to-let portfolios. The surge in investor interest in the sector has prompted Simon Thompson, Co-founder & Director of Accommodationforstudents.com, who has been in the industry for 13 years, to published his first book ‘Student Letting’, the landlords guide to successfully letting out student property.

Buy-to-let is big business, but according to Mr Thompson, the student rental market commands an entire sub-sector all of its own.

He comments “Having read all of the books that were out there on the topic of student accommodation, I felt there was a need to write a factual guide book on ‘how to let property to students’, rather than the traditional ‘How to make money from student property’ titles that already exist.

“Here at Accommodation for Students, we have built up a wealth of valuable data that can hopefully help new landlords in their decision making and act as a refresher for existing student landlords.”

Thompson set up the business after experiencing difficulties in finding suitable accommodation during his time at university. Today, accommodationforstudents.com is one of the leading UK student accommodation website, attracting around three million visits from students every year.

The new author has also become a well-recognised expert within the industry, campaigning for better quality student accommodation, and most recently launching a nationally recognised accreditation scheme, the AFS/UNIPOL Code, as a way of improving standards.

Thompson insists that Student letting is about providing decent property in the right location at the right rent, but running it successfully takes a lot of hard work. The expert has drawn on his own experience as well as feedback from countless landlords about their frustrations, successes and failures in this business, to form this comprehensive guide.

The book has been designed in three easy digestible parts; Student Letting – Facts & Figures, Dealing with Tenants and Looking after Finances and includes current data and statistics collated on student accommodation.

‘Student Letting’ is available now on Amazon, priced at £9.99.


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