The First Step is the hardest to take

Monday 28th January 2013

“I would always advise people to buy property. It’s the best pension you could have.”

Those are the words of Heidi Bannister who runs a recruitment service in Reading, but also dabbles in the property market to supplement her income. She currently owns ten buy-to-let homes in and around London.

Bannister is one of a growing number of investors who now see their properties as their pensions.

“We bought our first buy to let in 2003,” recollects Heidi. “I had been thinking about it for some time but my husband has always been a bit risk adverse and for one reason or another it never happened.”

“Then one day I was reading an article in our local newspaper about a scheme that the council was running which guaranteed rents for landlords that made properties available to their tenants. I talked it over again with my husband and this time he agreed to go for it, and using the equity in our property, we went for it, bought our first house, and have never looked back since,” adds Heidi.

Today, they have a mixed portfolio in a diverse range of locations - Clapham, Hatton Garden, Heathrow, Greenwich and Vauxhall to name but a few.

A mother of two, Heidi attributes her success in property investment to a number of things but first and foremost to thoroughly researching the area in which she is planning to buy. “It definitely pays to do your homework,” she explains.

Although the economic climate is challenging and lenders appear hesitant to lend, Heidi remains on the lookout for more properties.

“I’d love to have more,” she adds. “All things considered property provides us with a steady income stream and a future financially which you can really get anywhere else. I’d advise everyone to give it a go. The biggest hurdle is making that first step. Once you’ve made it, trust me, you’ll be fine.”



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