The devil is in the detail

Thursday 24th October 2013

When it comes to refurbishing a property, it is usually the small features that count, and thankfully the details do not always have to cost a fortune.

There are a number of inexpensive ways to freshen up the front of the property, the living spaces and even the bathroom, without having to break the bank, according to Bernards Door Furniture Direct, the online home of the Building & Architectural ironmongery specialists. What’s more, cost effective home improvements could even fix the home up nicely enough that larger expenditures can be avoided.

The front door

The company advise that by installing new door thresholds throughout the house, including on the front door, you will find that the general aesthetic of the home will improve. Few visitors make a fuss over a brand new door threshold, but that does not mean that they will not feel the difference when all of the thresholds around the house are given a new lease of life.

It could even be time for a new doorbell

The doorbell is more than just a handy alert, it an accessory for the front of the house; and choosing the right bell push could improve the visual aesthetic of the home. A wide range of classic and contemporary doorbell pushes are available in brass, iron, nylon or chrome. Choose a door bell which matches your front door in colour and style from the most contemporary varieties to something antique.

Door numbers

Another small but effective change to the fascia is the numerals, which most homes feature. Like the bell push, a wide variety of door numbers are available in every size, style and finish. Choose numerals which match all of the larger, more expensive furnishings such as window frames and the front door itself. In addition to their affordable price, door numbers are easy to install.

New door handles

New door handles will help to brighten up any room in the house, and it helps to choose a style of handle and go with it; ensuring this style is uniform, throughout a room and beyond it. Instructions are available online for installing new door handles, quickly and easily. When old handles stick or swing it becomes more necessary to replace them, but homeowners don’t need to wait until they have a problem to replace their handles with a more visually pleasing set.

Bathroom accessories

A set of shiny new accessories works greater wonders in the bathroom than anywhere else in the house. A new shower, bath or tiling might not be required so long you choose the right accessories. From bathroom shelves and soap dishes to towel rings and chord pulls, it is possible to make a considerable aesthetical difference without great cost, or time consuming DIY.


In some instances, a quick but thorough clean is all that is required. But when it comes to cleaning brass or chrome door furniture care should be taken to use the right cleaning products and materials.


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