Tenants being let down over broadband

Thursday 17th November 2016

Some 83% of “millennial renters” wait more than a week for internet connection, new research by LivingCom has revealed. 
With anger and frustration regarding broadband speeds steadily increasing, the findings showed that eight in ten young professionals see high-speed internet connection as an absolutely integral part of their rental property. A massive 96% of those surveyed said a lack of internet access when moving into a property is a major source of frustration.
In some cases, poor or sub-standard broadband connectivity can seriously hinder rental values. With three quarters of young professionals saying that a rental property with pre-installed internet would have significant appeal, landlords and property developers may need to reconsider the increasing importance of fast, hassle-free broadband in this very modern, digital age – and do more to cater towards this. 
Lots of recent research has suggested that good internet access is now a deciding factor for many young tenants, so for landlords to attract – and then keep – these renters, high-speed broadband needs to be part of the equation. 
“77% of young professionals own three or more internet-ready devices, so connectivity is key for these millennial movers, and with three in four of this market lacking the funds to buy their own property, the private rental sector should be ensuring high speed Wi-Fi and internet based services are delivered as an essential amenity, as soon as possible,” Paul Eaton, Commercial Manager at LivingCom, commented.
He added: “With 83% of 25 to 30 year olds having to wait more than a week to be connected in their new homes, it’s clear that high-speed internet connectivity needs to become an essential part of property development and a priority for landlords.” 

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