Property prices highest next to golf courses and racecourses

Thursday 17th November 2016

New research carried out by online estate agent Hatched has revealed that golf is the best sport when it comes to house prices. 
Properties near Britain's many courses have an average asking price of £419,446, making homes near to fairways and greens more costly than homes neighbouring any other type of sporting venue in the country.
What's more, the average price of homes near golf courses is almost double the latest ONS national figure of £219,000.
Homeowners with properties close to racecourses will also be happy – homes near to these horseracing venues have an average asking price of £362,000.
While homes near golf courses and racecourses command the highest asking prices, it's actually the home of cricket that has the highest nearby prices of any venue in the UK. Unsurprisingly, given the plush, affluent area it is located in, Lord's cricket ground in north-west London's leafy St John's Wood came top of the league table for asking prices, with neighbouring homes averaging a cool £1,467,562.
The properties near to Chelsea's Stamford Bridge home, situated in Fulham Broadway, were in second place. Homes close by average £1,232,001. In third place, and the only other venue to boast an average price of more than £1m, was Sandown Park racecourse in Surrey.  
The research, which ranked the top 20 stadiums for the country's best-attended sports - golf, horseracing, football, cricket, rugby union and rugby league – in terms of average house price, found a different story in the Northern cities where rugby league is treated like a religion. 
Rugby league was comfortably the worst sport for house prices, with an average asking price of only £163,508. This made it the only sport analysed to have an asking price lower than the national average. 
Although football – helped by various London-based venues, including Fulham's Craven Cottage, Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and Wembley – was home to some of the top house prices in the list, it also accounted for four of the bottom five venues in the 120-stadium league table. 
The lowest prices in the country were found near to Middlesbrough's Riverside Stadium. On average, however, rugby league took the wooden spoon when it came to overall average asking prices per sport. 
The research also revealed that the north-south divide when it comes to house prices is still very much ongoing, with venues in the south dominating the top of the list. In fact, Alwoodley Golf Course in Leeds – number 32 on the list – was the highest-placed northern location.    
The size of the stadium would also appear to have a positive impact on house prices, with the 10 grounds with the largest capacity having an average house price of £406,571. By contrast, the 10 venues with the smallest capacities had an average asking price of just £246,570.

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