Free tickets to A Place in the Sun Live

Tuesday 26th February 2013

Choices Today has teamed up with A Place the Sun Live to offer all readers FREE tickets to the brand-new-look show which takes place at London Olympia on 12th-14th April. Tickets usually cost £10 each.

The show is home for the weekend to hundreds of international estate agents that buyers wouldn’t normally get the chance to meet face-to-face in the UK who between them are offering thousands of holiday homes, retirement bolt-holes, homes for emigration and investment properties for sale from around the world.

To make sure that visitors are fully clued up before taking the plunge, A Place in the Sun Live has a busy free-to-attend seminar schedule, with most sessions taking a Q&A format where you can learn about everything from setting up a bank account, the legal process of buying property and getting health insurance in the country of your choice.

The presenters of the TV show will be there, so you can catch up with Amanda Lamb, Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin and the latest addition to the team Laura Hamilton and ask them your questions about buying a property abroad.

There are specialist areas covering some of the most popular destinations Brits like to buy property abroad including the French Village, Florida Pavilion, Italian Pavilion and Portuguese Pavilion where you can meet a collection of agents and property specialists with local knowledge.

Every visitor will get a free copy of the brand-new look A Place in the Sun magazine and have the chance to take a screen test to appear on the next series of the TV show. So come prepared with your questions and don’t forget to do your hair!

Click here to claim your tickets


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